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History of the CT/4A Air Trainer

In 1971, the Royal Australian Air Force had a requirement for a new aircraft to replace their current basic training aircraft - the CAC Winjeels. In 1973, 51 CT/4A trainers were delivered to the RAAF to be used as the basic air trainer at Point Cook airfield where Basic Flying Training School (BFTS) was located.

The CT/4's have proved to be a capable and effective training platform since first entering service with the RAAF. From 1973 through to 2019 the RAAF utilised the CT/4 trainers to provide flight training to all Pilot Officer's beginning their Military Aviation career as an Army, Navy or Airforce aviator.

Performance & Limitations

Seats: 2, side by side - Dual Control

Engine: 210Hp, 6 cylinder, IO-360-HB Continental

Empty Weight: 770Kg

Max Take Off Weight: 1180Kg

Max Cruising Speed: 163Kts / 302Km/hr

Aerobatic Loading: +6.0G / -3.0G



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